Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Happy #GivingTuesday!
I love this relatively new tradition that piggybacks on national spending sprees on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to focus our resources on what really matters. #GivingTuesday is a celebration of generosity, and an opportunity for you to make your community, your country, and your world, a better place.

Each and every day, too many different organizations too numerous to count pour their hearts and financial resources into any number of different causes, to help sick kids, lost animals, improve air quality, inspire and engage our hearts and minds, or just generally enrich our lives. Having worked in several non-profit organizations, I want to share with you a couple of important facts.

Nobody likes to pay the bills. Everyone likes to help fund cool sounding exhibitions, naming opportunities, or that next new exciting capital campaign. But the one thing that any organization will tell you they are always in need of is general operating support. They need cash to pay the lights, the water. It isn’t interesting, but it’s critical. It helps them stay afloat say that they can do the good work they need to do.

Smart organizations invest your money back into their program and create organizational savings to help ensure long-term sustainability for their services. You can take a look at how much each organization (approximately) spends on program by checking out websites like www.guidestar.org.

So why should you give? Because it feels good to help others, because these organizations more often than not rely on regular and consistent small gifts to help them run their daily operations, or because, to quote John F. Kennedy, “… a rising tide lifts all boats.”

A stronger community, global and otherwise, benefits everyone. So find your cause today. Celebrate generosity. Celebrate #GivingTuesday!

Below are a couple of my personal favorite places (and there are so many more great organizations to support!)



(That’s a very young me working the Peanuts exhibition at CMOM!)


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  1. Awesome! And I love that there is such a thing is #GivingTuesday.