Wednesday, December 30, 2015

HuffPost Live: Being Mindful of Kids' Screen Time This Holiday Season

We are knee deep into winter vacation and the tug of war between what Phil and I view as acceptable screen time and what the children deem acceptable rages on.

Instinctively, I like to indulge my kids in Minecraft and Mario (within some reasonable boundaries re: time) while I hide somewhere in the house, guilt free, with my own device. But my own personal goal this holiday season was to encourage their own interests and to find places where maybe I could learn to engage on some of this stuff too – learning to play and participate with them. It’s a role shift for me, one where I'm mindful of evolving into more of a digital mentor for my children. My thinking on this point was inspired by a recent article in The Atlantic urging parents to "reject technology shame." For more on this, click here.

Have you had any tech struggles this holiday season? What kinds of gadgets and devices did you buy for your kids? Come join me over at HuffPost Live to discuss navigating the delicate balance this holiday season between our kids and screens.

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