Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pace Yourself: When You're A Parent, There's No Finish Line

Do you ever feel, as a parent, that nothing is ever really finished? Do you struggle with this? I do.

So many of our toys, so much of this stage of life, feels perpetually unfinished. You don’t ever really cross the finish line. Adults so rarely feel that sharp sense of satisfaction children take for granted when there is this natural start and finish rhythm to your life created by culturally imposed structures like school and bedtimes. It is nice the way childhood constantly gives you that slow drip of satisfaction that tells you when you’re done with the project or the school year. You don’t realize how special and fleeting that feeling is to cross something off your proverbial list.

Nowadays, I almost never taste that feeling I used to be so intimately acquainted with. The one that tells me it’s done. 

For more on this, join me over at Parenting where I'm talking about the pace of parenthood.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Last Year, We Made 7 Rules for Shabbat. Here's How It Panned Out.

How does your family celebrate Shabbat? What are your rituals?

Come join me over at Kveller this afternoon where I talk a little about our fall Shabbat experiment and what it did and didn’t take to truly make it a sacred space for our family (other than excessive amounts of juice boxes!)

(one of our more glamorous Friday nights)