Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Huggy and Snuggy

Two good friends welcomed two beautiful babies into the world today. They are still affectionately known as Huggy and Snuggy - they haven't yet revealed their names. But in thinking about the wonderful family they were born into and all they have to look forward to, I penned this open letter to them.

Dear Huggy and Snuggy-
Welcome to the world! We’ve all been waiting for so many months now to meet you, no one more than your two beautiful mamas. Lots of people will be showering your moms with all special gifts, toys and platitudes by the barrelful, but amidst all that I thought I’d take a second to offer you some of those special words of wisdom.
Go Easy on Them
Your moms won’t always get it right, but they’ll always do their best to make it right because the love they have experienced in getting to know you over these past few hours is unlike anything they’ve ever known. It is all-consuming and terrifying and amazing love, and with each minute more that they know you, they are breathing it in. They will always do their best by you but they won’t always get it right. Sometimes, it won’t even feel like their best – maybe just the best they could do in that moment. But don’t judge them too harshly – one day you will also be parents and you will understand what I mean when I say that doing your best and getting it right is not always the same thing. But when it all comes from the well of gratitude and love that a parent draws from, it can feel close enough.
Be Brave – Live with Courage
Your path toward greatness starts today! You’ve already been launched down whatever road you are supposed to take in a life of love and success. But whichever way you go, be sure to live your own truth, your dreams and your destiny. In this way no matter where you end up, you will have achieved greatness – a soul at peace with the choices it made. Live without regret and listen to your mothers, they might have learned a thing or two in all their years that will help you on your journey. You don’t even have to let them know you are listening, but secretly file their wisdom away, ready in your arsenal for whenever you might need it.
As I mentioned above, listen up! Already I’m sure your little brains are filled with lots of noise going on around you. People talking about who you are, when you pooped, who you look like, blah blah blah. But In the midst of all this chaos and noise, take a cue from your brilliant mamas and learn to be great listeners. Drink in what others are saying, learn to parse out what is real and what is crap, and learn to formulate your own views and express them in the ways and mediums that are the most meaningful, not necessarily the loudest.
Make Mistakes
And you will. And every time you do you’ll learn from them, somehow, someway. And doing so will just slightly alter the course of whatever path you are on to take you were you are supposed to be. Everyone who loves you has made and hopefully learned from most of their mistakes. I have – your mommas have.  And even if you don’t get the lesson at the time, just know that it is all part of some big cosmic plan and that you might live a whole life before the reason aligns with the journey.
Go the F)$&%)*$)%(*$ to Sleep
Seriously, please. For the sake of those sad little shriveled up people next to you who you call your bitches, and we used to call our friends. For now, all you have to do is eat, poop and sleep. Don’t try to get all fancy on us. They’ll be plenty of time for that.
Welcome to the world! We love you!

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