Sunday, March 10, 2013


I’m not big on lists, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot on my kids and on how ridiculously fast they’ve been changing –Dylan lost two teeth in just the past month alone – and been thinking about all the different things I love about them right now. Because I know in 5 minutes they will change and that will be great too. But I just have this nagging sense of wanting to remember the little random stuff I loved about this version of now. Before this now is 5 years from now, and I don’t remember. So here it is: my random list of the top 17 things I love about you guys, before in my sleep deprived state and diet-coke induced lack of short term memory, I forget it all:

1.       I love that wherever you go and regardless of the time of day, one of you always has peanut butter on your face.

2.       I love that you aren’t too cool to where the superman sweatshirt I bought you at JC Penney.

3.       I love that my electric toothbrush still seems exciting and slightly dangerous to you.

4.       I love that sprinkles or parmesan cheese – added to nearly anything – can make anything taste better.

5.       I love the way you run to greet your dad when he comes in as if it’s never happened before and it’s still a really exciting thing.

6.       I love how seriously and legitimately you believed in every imaginary character at Disney World. Seeing you believe in silly things felt magical.

7.       I love that you are not too old to watch Doc McStuffins (and am glad that you are too old for Caillou, although sad that you’ve outgrown Little Bear).

8.       I love the way you whisper to and play with each other, even though it usually means you are joining forces against me.

9.       I love that you wonder about what you’ll be when you grow up. It makes me feel like I can still wonder about that too.

10.   I love that no matter how sad you are, you can be cheered up by orange tic tacs, the Village People’s YMCA, or some combination of both.

11.   I love that you still fit in my lap (sort of).

12.   I love that you haven’t learned to read yet, because it means I still get to read to you.

13.   I love your world of absolutes. There is good and there is bad. There is no gray and we never have to spend anytime navigating the complex feelings, emotions and questions attached to why good people do bad stuff or why bad people sometimes do good stuff.

14.   I love that you still won’t travel without your Pooh Bears.

15.   I love that you still let me tuck you in at night and that you aren’t too proud or big for a kiss or a snuggle.

16.   I love how you look when you are fresh out of the bath and your hair is combed and you are snug in your pjs and for what seems like literally one minute of our day – you are clean.

17.   I love that you find it super fun and fancy to have dinner at Subway.

I love that regardless of our clearly defined roles, you continue to surprise me and teach me new stuff every day. Today you taught me about the girl Skylander and that hummus can actually be eaten with a spoon. I had no idea who you would turn into and can’t imagine who you will continue to grow into. You are also teaching me that roller coasters are fun (not just deathly terrifying as I’ve always believed) precisely because you don’t know what is coming next: that this is the most wonderful part. With every day with you, I am starting to understand this more.

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